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Welcome to the Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby Inc (ACIL)! We are a leading consumer advocacy group dedicated to addressing pressing consumer issues associated with general insurance. Our organisation is committed to minimising the cost of living pressures by tackling the challenges of affordability and availability of insurance.

At ACIL, we understand the profound impact that insurance costs and accessibility have on consumers' lives. We firmly believe that all Australians should have access to affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage that protects their interests and financial well-being.

In addition to advocating on the crucial issue of affordability and availability of insurance, we proactively tackle practices by industry stakeholders that are deemed detrimental to consumers. We closely monitor and challenge unfair practices, and any actions that undermine the rights and interests of policyholders. Our goal is to create a fair and transparent insurance market where consumers are treated with respect and their rights are upheld.

Through our research, education, and engagement with policymakers and industry leaders, we work tirelessly to influence positive change and promote consumer-friendly policies. We are dedicated to ensuring that insurance companies prioritise the needs of their customers and provide transparent and ethical services.

Join us in our mission to protect consumers' interests and empower them in their interactions with the insurance industry. Together, we can create a stronger and more consumer-centric landscape where affordability, accessibility, and fair practices are the norm.


At ACIL, our unwavering commitment revolves around three fundamental missions:

  1. Advocate for affordable and accessible insurance.

  2. Protect consumer rights and interests.

  3. Influence positive change in the insurance industry.


As a leading consumer representative group on insurance issues, ACIL’s key priorities in the coming year will be:

  1. Cyclone Reinsurance Pool: ACIL is committed to ensuring the Cyclone Reinsurance Pool adequately serves the interests of consumers. The organisation will work towards the inclusion of marine coverage, expanding eligibility criteria to encompass aged and disability care as well as Hamilton Island, and advocating for an increase on the $5 million limit on commercial buildings.

  2. Addressing Broader Market Failures: ACIL recognises the challenges posed by natural disasters such as floods, bushfires, and defective buildings. The organisation will actively engage with relevant stakeholders to address these market failures, especially in vulnerable areas like islands. Additionally, ACIL will focus on specific business occupations and products that require attention to protect consumer interests.

  3. Strata Insurance Practices: ACIL is dedicated to dealing with consumer issues surrounding Strata Insurance Practices. The organisation will work towards ensuring fair and transparent practices that benefit strata owners and occupants.

  4. Fair use of Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is considered a detrimental tax as it impacts consumers paying the highest premiums. ACIL advocates for either the elimination of stamp duty on insurance premiums or the improved allocation of Stamp Duty funds for mitigation purposes to assist consumers in reducing insrance premiums. By actively engaging with the Queensland state government, the organisation strives to bring about positive changes for consumers regarding stamp duty charges.

  5. Reviewing Expert Reports: ACIL recognises the importance of accurate and reliable expert reports, such as those provided by building consultants and engineers. The organisation will conduct a comprehensive review to identify and address any potential systemic instances where misleading and inaccurate reports are causing harm to consumers.


Affordability and availability of insurance have created a crisis for some consumers and businesses, and we are here to work with the government and insurers on solutions to protect the financial prosperity of Australians.


We are a dedicated lobby group with a singular purpose, to secure better outcomes for consumers. We employ various strategies and actions to achieve this goal:

  • Advocacy: We act as staunch advocates for consumers, tirelessly representing their interests and concerns on a wide range of consumer issues. Through our advocacy efforts, we strive to bring about positive change and improvements in the insurance landscape.

  • Strength in Numbers: Collaboration with consumers and consumer groups is a core aspect of our approach. We understand the power of unity and work alongside other consumer organizations to amplify our collective voice. By standing together, we strengthen our advocacy efforts and increase our influence in lobbying for consumers' rights and interests.Stakeholder

  • Collaboration: We recognise the importance of collaboration and actively work with all stakeholders, including government bodies, insurance brokers, and insurers, to address consumer issues effectively. By fostering productive relationships and open dialogue, we aim to find mutually beneficial solutions and resolve pressing consumer concerns.

  • Policy Recommendations: Our team is committed to researching and developing comprehensive draft recommendations for governments. These recommendations focus on policy initiatives that can be implemented to address insurance issues, creating a more sustainable and consumer-friendly environment.

  • Insurer Engagement: We proactively engage with insurance companies to identify and implement meaningful solutions to consumer-related issues. By working closely with insurers, we strive to foster positive changes within the industry that directly benefit consumers.

  • Political Awareness: We firmly believe that insurance issues should be at the forefront of voters' minds during elections. To achieve this, we provide factual information about major insurance challenges, ensuring that voters are well-informed about the impact of these issues on their lives. By promoting awareness and understanding, we aim to influence political decisions that prioritize consumer needs and protection.


At the Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby (ACIL), our unwavering commitment is to drive positive change, empower consumers, and foster a fair and equitable insurance landscape for all Australians.

To do all of this effectively, we rely on donations from the public.

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