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Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby provides personalised support to our members by recommending specific providers  of insurance in.  Visit the membership menu of our website for more information the benefits of becoming a member.

We believe both direct insurers and insurance brokers play an important role in insurance.

Insurers will rarely recommend other companies that you can insure with and likewise, insurance brokers can usually only recommend products from insurers they have a distribution agreement with.

Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby have created a list of providers that may be able to assist with certain classes of insurance.

If you would like more information on whether we may be able to assist you, email us  your current policy.

Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby does not and is not licensed to provide financial product advice.  The recommendation of service providers does not represents nor is intended to be advice on any insurance matters.  No person should act specifically on our recommendation of service providers.  Before purchasing any product you should understand the policy terms, conditions and exclusions and consider  obtaining appropriate professional advice based on your own personal circumstances.


If you do not wish to become a member you may also wish to consider:

Insurance Council of Australia:

National Insurance Brokers Association:


If you have exhausted all possible means of finding insurance and still are not able to get cover, we recommend contacting your local politician.  While there may be little they can do to assist, Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby believes it is important that Federal Members of Parliament are reminded of instances where no insurance can be found to keep the issue of insurance on their agenda.

To search for your federal member visit

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