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ACIL Calls on Insurance Industry for Support in Stamp Duty Reform Campaign Ahead of QLD Election

In a significant move towards enhancing insurance affordability and equity in Queensland, recognised as Australia's most unaffordable and uninsurable State, the Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby Inc (ACIL), formerly the Northern Australia Insurance Lobby, is reaching out to major industry stakeholders in the insurance sector for backing in a vital campaign aimed at reforming Stamp Duty.  ACIL has formally requested financial assistance from three insurance industry associations for a targeted media campaign in the lead-up to the upcoming Queensland election.

More info detailing arguments for stamp duty reform and featuring consumer stories:

FLyer - QLD Stamp Duty
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Targeted Campaign in Marginal North Queensland Electorates

ACIL’s campaign focuses on the marginal electorates of North Queensland, a region that faces unparalleled financial pressure due to exorbitant insurance costs exacerbated by the current Stamp Duty regime. The campaign, potentially encompassing radio, newspaper, and television mediums, aims to spotlight the critical need for Stamp Duty reform to alleviate the mounting cost of living and insurance affordability. Highlighting these challenges in marginal electorates is a strategic move to ensure that the issue of Stamp Duty reform is placed squarely on the political agenda, as speculation grows that the outcome of the Queensland election could hinge on the North Queensland seats.

Industry Support for Stamp Duty Reform

The call for Stamp Duty reform is not new within the insurance industry. For years, industry leaders have vocalised the need for change, recognising the detrimental impact of Stamp Duties on insurance affordability and accessibility. ACIL’s initiative seeks to transform these calls into tangible action. "This is an opportunity for consumers and industry to unite our efforts on this important issue" said  ACIL Chairperson Tyrone Shandiman. "Collaboration on this campaign is not just an investment in the future of Queensland’s insurance landscape, but also a significant gesture of the industry's dedication to enhancing the well-being of consumers and voters alike."

A United Front for Change

By uniting consumer voices with the weight of the insurance industry, ACIL believes this campaign can significantly influence the discourse around Stamp Duty reform. This collaborative effort represents a unique opportunity to drive home the necessity of reform, leveraging the upcoming election as a pivotal moment for change.

ACIL calls on the insurance sector to support a vital campaign aligning with mutual benefits for the industry and consumers. Together, we aim to foster a fair and sustainable insurance market in Queensland. To support this campaign, contact ACIL at

ACIL fiercely guards its independence, ensuring our advocacy remains unaffected by industry funding. While we welcome financial support for campaigns, it never influences our objectives or stance.

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