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Addressing Allegations and Reinforcing Commitment: ACIL's Response to Conflict Concerns

In the wake of ACIL's advocacy against certain practices in strata insurance commissions, we have received feedback from media sources and also via associates of ACIL board members indicating that concerns have been raised by unnamed industry bodies. These concerns suggest that board members may be leveraging their positions to further personal business interests, specifically pointing to Strata Insurance Solutions—a company wholly owned by Mr. Shandiman, who serves as its Managing Director, and employs Ms. Eva Jones, ACIL Secretary, as the Operations Manager.

Upon thorough examination, the board has taken these concerns seriously and has come to the following determinations:

  • It has been recognised that a conflict of interest exists.

  • No substantive information has been directly provided to ACIL to address these concerns.

  • The board have determined that there is no evidence suggesting Mr. Shandiman and Ms. Jones have improperly utilised ACIL for the benefit of Strata Insurance Solutions or their personal interests.

  • The board has considered whether these allegations are strategically aimed at undermining our advocacy efforts and diverting attention from the critical issues at hand.

  • The continued involvement of Mr. Shandiman and Ms. Jones with their extensive knowledge in the issues ACIL are lobbying for (including Strata Insurance Practices) is deemed beneficial to ACIL and the consumers we represent, given their expertise, experience, and the significant contributions they make towards our advocacy efforts.

  • The actions of both Mr. Shandiman and Ms. Jones have consistently prioritised consumer interests, reflecting a commitment to ACIL's advocacy goals.

  • In response to the allegations, ACIL has ratified a conflict of interest policy, now available on our website (click here), underscoring our dedication to transparent and consumer-focused advocacy.

  • The ACIL board will continue to diligently oversee compliance with our Conflict of Interest policy, ensuring our actions remain in alignment with our organisational values and consumer advocacy. 

  • We encourage individuals with concerns to address them directly to our board, in accordance with the processes outlined in our Conflict of Interest policy.

Statement from ACIL Chairperson Tyrone Shandiman: In my 13 years at Strata Insurance Solutions, I have been continually surprised by the extent of misconduct in this industry. The issues that have come to light are ones I've long anticipated, finally exposing what has been the industry's white elephant: a problem widely recognised yet consistently ignored, not confined to specific businesses but indicative of a broader, persistent issue.  I acknowledge perceived conflicts of interest between my work at ACIL and my business Strata Insurance Solutions. I ask anyone to consider the merit of these issues when they are raised.  Strata Insurance Solutions operates on a model of low remuneration.  Advocating for a ban on financial payments to strata managers changes the competitive environment in our industry and has the potential to diminish our company’s competitive edge.  When considering my involvement in lobbying for this issue, I concluded that prioritising integrity in our industry is more important than my personal financial gain. Staying silent for profit was never an option. My advocacy on this issue is driven by principle and values, not financial reward.  My prominent stance on this issue also subjects me and my business to heightened scrutiny and potential for strata managers enticing their buildings to competitors driven by solely by retaliatory motives. The issues emerging are real consumer concerns.  Despite the personal challenges involved in advocating for this cause, I am proud to contribute my experience and knowledge in support of ACIL and the consumers we serve. I am fully committed to prioritising the interests of ACIL and its consumers above all else.

This statement was approved by the ACIL board on 16th April 2024.

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