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ACIL Chair Shines a Light on Unfair Practices in Strata Industry Webinar

In a pivotal online event, Tyrone Shandiman, Chairperson of ACIL, joined forces with Nikki Jovicic from LookUpStrata to dissect and challenge the unfair practices plaguing the strata industry.

Our latest initiative, a detailed survey conducted by ACIL, tapped into the community to uncover the real stories and statistics behind the questionable operations in the strata sector. In the webinar, Tyrone unveiled the compelling findings of this survey, paving the way for a candid discussion on the need for ethical reform.

This webinar is part of ACIL's ongoing commitment to foster a more transparent, ethical, and consumer-focused strata industry. For those who missed the live session, a recording is available on our website. Join us in this important conversation and help us drive the change that is desperately needed in the strata industry.

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