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Peter Marer Joins ACIL

Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby Inc (ACIL) is pleased to announce industry veteran Peter Marer will be joining its board.

Peter worked in various roles in the insurance industry from 1976 including as the CEO of Queensland Doctors Mutual and had his own insurance broking practice from 2004 to 2014. Peter has since retired from insurance broking and now works as a consultant providing "in house" advise to businesses on the arrangement of their insurances.

“Having seen the insurance buying process as a product supplier and in my most recent role on the other side as a client advocate for general insurance, I want to provide an experienced voice to best represent consumers on issues associated with insurance. ACIL has played a very worthwhile part in advocating for consumers and that is why I am joining the board to assist in this good work continuing.” Peter Marer said.

“Peter brings a wealth of experience to ACIL and his work on the consumer side of the insurance process will assist us in best representing consumers interests. It is a pleasure to have Peter on board.” Tyrone Shandiman ACIL chairperson.

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